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Durante 21 dias você vai receber...

2o24 already started, and you can learn how to manifest what you desire and

Create the life of your dreams

The year already started and now it is time to define your intentions, achievments and desires, or in another words, the life you always imagined. And what if the new year could be a white page, ready for you to write or draw your dreams and make them become true? In few steps you can prepare your year to have success, happiness and abundance.

Join the therapist and instructor Thiago Fonseca in this pratical seminar, 100% online, where you will know how to find what makes your heart beats and what desires moves you, bringing them to your reality togheter with the Creator of All That Is. 

LIVE Webinar February 23rd at 5PM Kwuait (replay available)


How to create your reality

Creating a comprehensive list of manifestations that can help focus the mind and bring attention to the things that truly make a difference in one's life.


How to trick your mind 

If your mind think it is impossible, is full of judgment, gossip or struggle your manifestations become harder. Find out how to trick this behavior and beliefs


Manifestations can be a way to find more about yourself, your beliefs and what is your divine time and purpose in this world


Quick guide and practise

Exercices and meditations that will help you to boost your manifestations during the year. Bonus: a Manifest Workbook


Your healer, Thiago Fonseca

During 10 years dedicated to help people in the whole world to find learnings and purpouse behind the challenges using positive thinking and ThetaHealing®

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